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Japan Market Research

Market Research services are designed to help international enterprises better understand the market landscape in a particular domain and to analyze the positioning and behavior of their competitors within Japan in order to successfully establish their business in the local market.

We help companies that intend to enter the Japan market to obtain the data they need to avoid costly mistakes and wasting their time on trial and error.


What We Offer

  • Unique approach that relies not only on desk research but also on direct interaction with market players and experts

  • The most accurate, relevant and up-to-date information 

  • Verification via interviews, cross-checking and insider testimonials to providing our clients with requisite knowledge and clarity

  • Network of potential clients, distributors and business partners

  • Close cooperation with the client and involvement of the client in the market research process

  • Facilitation of our client’s business trips to the Japan. ( as required )

  • Continuous adjustment of the approach and further steps to achieve our client’s goals in a most cost- and time-efficient way

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