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Market Entry & Business Establishment is designed to assist international enterprises to successfully enter the Japan market. SxS Partners serve as a one-stop shop and a plug-and-play operation for any venture that has a desire to quickly expand in Japan.

The essence of our approach lies in the ability to provide instantaneous and concrete solutions that enable businesses to take further steps.

We provide comprehensive market and industry research:

  • analyze business risks and growth potential

  • gain access to business networks and lead generation

  • provide hands on assistance in business establishment -from entity legalization to personnel recruitment

  • hold trainings on cultural differences


All this is done to not only meet our client’s needs and expectations, but to exceed them. while providing proactive and transparent progress reporting.


What We Offer

  • Japan Business Knowledge Session (overview of all key factors in launching business in Japan)

  • Business & market research (research on all pre-entry market aspects)

  • Background check (communication with current enterprises)

  • Business presence (setting up the office, entity legalisation)

  • Cultural trainings (key factors of seamless integration in the region)

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