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Operational Management is designed for international companies that do not have a sufficient local presence to sustain their activities in the Japan market. The service is designed as an alternative to having a local office in Japan and focuses on solving various ad hoc and structural and long-term tasks.

Operational management covers matters such as: legal entity establishment, financial management, logistics, licensing and certification, communication with partners, local operations supervision and management, sourcing and support in working with local service providers (e.g. legal and accounting), staffing solutions, supervisory directorship,  business intelligence, supervision and management of local operations, participation at trade shows and conferences, secretarial and administrative support.


What We Offer

  • Business presence creation (Giving you flexible staffing solutions, desk space, temporary or permanent legal entity)

  • Administrative support (Giving you admin support and compliance with the administrative requirements)

  • Communication with partners (Finding a common language)

  • Working with local service providers (Effectively managing your service providers)

  • Operational support  (Giving you brains, hands and feet to execute and implement)

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